Why We Need Your Support

Your donation will help to fund the work we do every single day to make marriage equality a reality in Ireland. Why is our work so important? Why should you make a donation to help support Marriage Equality?

The Next Step

  • Because approximately 6 to 10% of the general Irish population are not able to marry the person they love.
  • Because there are places in the world where same-sex couples CAN get married, and we believe Ireland should want to be included on that list.
  • Because couples who HAVE legally married abroad cannot have their marriages legally recognised in Ireland. Instead their marriages are recognised only as civil partnerships.
  • Because children and families of same-sex partners remain unprotected under Irish law.
  • Because "It scares me to know that when me and my brother were children, if anything had happened to our birth mum, there was a risk that we could have been taken from our other mum, because she is not recognised as our legal parent." (Conor P)
  • Because "Like many other people in the world, we just want to get married." (Jessica W)

You can help us to make marriage equality a reality.

73% of Irish people are already in favour of marriage equality, according to a recent Red C poll. That's nearly 3 out of every 4 people. And 42% of people in same-sex relationships said they believe marriage equality will happen within the lifetime of the current government.

The Irish Government has committed to looking at 'the provision of same sex marriage' in the context of a constitutional convention, but this is not an explicit promise.

We need to continue to lobby for change, and to do that, we need your help.

You can make a difference to same sex couples, our families and our children.

Please support Marriage Equality today.