Say Yes To Love

Jan and Hugo # 8Marriage Equality is all about celebrating the love that two people share, and it is about equality for same sex couples and our families.

Say Yes To Love is your chance to make your voice heard.

It is your chance to celebrate love.

It means saying "yes" to an Ireland in which people are free to love someone, to spend the rest of their lives with that person, to make a commitment in front of their friends and family as they are united in marriage, and to have that relationship recognised and protected by law on an equal footing with heterosexual relationships.

It means challenging discrimination and inequality.

Make your voice heard.



Will YOU to say "yes" to love?

Upload your photo and message to Say Yes To Love by clicking on "Add Your Voice".

Your message can be about celebrating love, a message about diversity or equal rights... whatever you like!

85 year old mother of 15 Madeline Connolly (right) said "yes" to love... will you?

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