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If you weren't following the developments of the KAL Case in the High Courts, or just need a reminder of the timeline for the last few years, we've compiled a selection ofnews articles and blog posts from Ireland and further afield.

From Ireland

08.11.2004 - Women in legal action over tax rights (RTE)

09.11.2004 - Gay couple granted leave to take tax case (RTE)

25.09.2006 - Does the Irish Constitution require same sex marriage laws? (Fallibilist)

03.10.2006 - Landmark case by lesbian couple underway (RTE)

12.10.2006 - Same-sex pair 'have no right to marriage' (Irish Independent)

13.10.2006 - High Court reserves judgment in marriage case (RTE)

13.10.2006 - Marriage 'not frozen' by the Constitution (Irish Independent)

14.10.2006 - Court reserves judgment in rights bid by lesbian couple (Irish Independent)

15.10.2006 - 'Denying human beings the right to marriage based on their sexuality amounts to gross bigotry' (Sunday Tribune)

26.10.2006 - The Zappone/Gilligan Case (debate on

12.12.2006 - High Court rules against lesbian couple (Irish Times)

12.12.2006 - Marriage of same-sex couples (Irish Times)

12.12.2006 - Rights of same-sex couples to be studied (Irish Times)

12.12.2006 - Judge notes women's 'loving relationship' (Irish Times)

12.12.2006 - Women express their disappointment at ruling (Irish Times)

12.12.2006 - Same-sex ruling 'a narrow view' (Irish Times)

14.12.2006 - Lesbian couple lose marriage recognition case (RTE)

14.12.2006 - Lesbian couple loses marriage court case (Irish Times)

15.12.2006 - No right to marry for lesbian couple in landmark action (Irish Independent)

15.12.2006 - Same-Sex Marriage High Court Case (Irish Law Blog)

17.12.2006 - An example to all on how to love (Sunday Tribune)

02.02.2007 - Same-sex couple lodge marriage appeal (Irish Times)

23.02.2007 - Kill Bills v2 - Gay Rights in Ireland (Irish Election blog)

01.03.2007 - Appeal to Supreme Court lodged for recognition of same-sex marriage (FLAC News)

16.05.2008 - Same Sex Marriage Decision in California and its Possible Value in Irish Litigation (CCJHR blog - UCC)

19.10.2008 - Ann and Katherine say it loud (Irish Independent)

27.06.2009 - New legal rights for gay couples (Irish Independent)

2010 - Legislation the real way to celebrate difference (Irish Times)


09.11.2004 - Gay couple granted legal review (BBC News)

10.11.2004 - Lesbian Couple Challenges Marriage Rebuff (New York Times)

10.11.2004 - Irish court to weigh recognition of lesbians' marriage (Boston Globe)

10.11.2004 - Lesbians wed in Canada seek Irish recognition (Seattle Times)

10.11.2004 - Lesbiche irlandesi, il caso andrà all'Alta Corte (Corriere Canadese)

30.12.2005 - Same-sex couple's lawsuit a test of tolerance in Ireland (Boston Globe)

24.08.2006 - Irish lesbians seek recognition of Canadian marriage (Pride Source)

04.10.2006 - Lesbian couple wed in Canada seek marriage rights in Ireland (Zee News)

12.10.2006 - Irish Greens back gay marriage (Pink News)

13.10.2006 - Judge considering lesbian marriage rights (Pink News)

14.12.2006 - High Court to rule on lesbian marriage (Pink News)

14.12.2006 - Irish Court Nixes Bid by Canadian Lesbians Seeking Recognition of their Marriage (Fox News)

14.12.2006 - Ireland rejects lesbian marriage (BBC News)

14.12.2006 - Irish students oppose gay marriage ruling (Pink News)

14.12.2006 - Ireland court rejects gay marriage case (Pink News)

17.12.2006 - Lesbian couple loses marriage case in Irish Court (New York Times)

18.12.2006 - Irish Court Refuses to Recognise Canadian Same Sex Marriage (Leonard Link Blog)

23.02.2007 - Lesbians appeal over "invalid" marriage (Pink News)

27.02.2007 - Analysis: Irish Government accused over gay unions defeat (Pink News)