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You have said "yes" to love!

Síona Cahill Síona Cahill

In brief, your presence has engaged a public discourse on the issues involved here that would simply not have been foreseeable before.
I hope to follow the case as it is discussed in the HC, and I wish it a sincere best of luck, your fight is an inspiration.

Congratulations Ladies!

Wil Matthews / Don McLave Wil Matthews / Don McLave

Wishing Katherine & Ann Louise all mine and Don's support. They are the ultimate example of Love and Grace, and everything that is Right and good and true about commitment to Equality & fighting for Justice.

Regina Divilly

Best of luck in your new challange!!

Niamh Ní Mhaoileoin

You are inspirations. As you make yet another attempt at having your beautiful relationship recognised, I commend you on your commitment, resilience and tenacity. You have my full support at every step. Thank you.

Aaron Keohane

My thoughts are with you.

Best wishes,


Clodagh & Moninne Clodagh & Moninne

Katherine & Ann Louise Know About Love

Love Equality

Rowena & Caroline Rowena & Caroline

We are with you KAL!

Love Counts!

Suzanne & Marion Suzanne & Marion

Bon Courage! The revolution will come!

We are all proud of you!


I think what you're doing is fantastic and women like you make me more optimistic about LGBT futures in Ireland and hopefully in years to come we'll be reading about you in the history books!!

Keep up the fight!!

Mary O Sullivan

I want you both to know how proud I am of you both.
Proud of the work you are doing to further human rights in Ireland.
Proud of the fact that you both have fought so hard for your marriage to be recognised in Ireland.
Proud that such eloquent, hard working people are striving to improve Irish society for us all.

Thank you so much

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