What Can I Do?

By showing your support of Katherine and Ann Louise's High Court challenge, you are not just supporting these two women, you are supporting the right of same sex couples everywhere to be able to celebrate their love and commitment through marriage.

By adding your voice to those in favour of equality, you are helping to send a clear message that Ireland can be, and SHOULD be, a leader in the field of human rights and equality.

How to help

The most important part of the campaign for marriage equality in Ireland is you. Here are some ways you can show your support:

1. Get vocal
We will soon have a date for Katherine and Ann Louise's High Court case. We need people like you to come down to the Four Courts as often as you can and show your support - for Katherine and Ann Louise... for marriage rights for same sex couples... for love.

2. Share your story
If you're not able to get to Dublin or the Four Courts, but you would like to share your story about why marriage equality matters to you, PLEASE write to us at info@marriagequality.ie. Your story could be featured in our "Say Yes To Love" campaign!

3. Make a donation
Visit our Donate section to find out how your contribution, no matter how small, can make a difference to couples all over Ireland.

4. Spread the word
Share this website with your friends and family, and encourage them to sign up to our mailing list for regular updates. Let them know that marriage equality is an important issue to you, and explain why. Encourage your friends to sign up to our Facebook page and Twitter feed. A March 2011 poll showed that 73% of the Irish population were in favour of same sex marriage. Every person you tell is another potential ally.

5. Contact your TD
Let the Irish Government know that the Civil Partnership Act is not enough, and that marriage equality is still an issue. Visit your local TDs (click on Out to Your TD for more information) and encourage them to commit to making marriage equality a reality in Ireland.