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  1. John Gormley speaks about delayed Civil Partnership legislation at the launch of Dublin Pride Festival [Irish News] - Issued 27 May 2008
  2. Professor Margaret Farley tells RTE news that it should be possible for same sex couples to marry [Irish News] - Issued 23 May 2008
  3. MarriagEquality responds to ISE Conference "Why Marriage? Love and Justice in 21st Century Ireland. [Press Release] - Issued 20 May 2008
  4. Fighting for 21st Century Law to end prejudice [Irish News] - Issued 20 May 2008
  5. With California set to recognise same sex marriage within weeks, this is how the International situation looks now [International News] - Issued 19 May 2008
  6. California legalises same sex marriage [International News] - Issued 16 May 2008
  7. Celebrate International Day of the Family today [Irish News] - Issued 15 May 2008
  8. One Family calls for the amendment of the Constitution on International Day of the Family [Irish News] - Issued 15 May 2008
  9. Same sex marriage supporter Mildred Loving dies aged 68 [Irish News] - Issued 7 May 2008
  10. Report By the Commissioner for Human Rights Mr Thomas Hammarberg on his visit to Ireland released by the Council of Europe [Irish News] - Issued 7 May 2008
  11. Activists push for same sex marriage Bill in New York [International News] - Issued 2 May 2008
  12. New York Couple resort to Civil Disobedience for Gay Marriage Rights [International News] - Issued 2 May 2008
  13. Irish School of Ecumenics, Trinity College Dublin to hold Public Lecture "Why Marriage? Love of Justice in 21st Century Ireland? [Irish News] - Issued 1 May 2008
  14. ILGA celebrates its 30th anniversary by publishing an updated version of the LGBTI Rights Map [Irish News] - Issued 29 Apr 2008
  15. Liberal Democrat MEP launches EU anti-discrimination petition [International News] - Issued 21 Apr 2008
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