The lengths some people will go to achieve marriage equality...

Ironman... the very thought of it has some of us running for the hills! But in July 2012, Doug Mulholland - a Marriage Equality supporter and former volunteer - undertook this momentous task at the Challenge Roth Ironman in Germany and raised over €2500 for our campaign!

For those of you who don't know what's involved in a full Ironman, here's the lowdown:

3.8 km swim
180 km cycle
42 km run (i.e. a marathon)

"But he did this over the course of a couple of days" did you say...? Erm no... Doug did all of this in ONE DAY and completed it all in just 14 HOURS, 51 MINUTES! We're tired just reading about it! So what would inspire someone to take on this enormous feat? Well in Doug's own words......

"This is my first attempt at an Ironman length triathlon. I'd done a number of marathons over the last few years but wanted a different challenge this time around. Had to learn how to swim first of all though! Having volunteered with Marriage Equality in the past, I was able to see first-hand the important work they are doing. I believe achieving marriage equality will have a profound effect on what it means to be gay in this country, and I want to do as much as I can to see it happen as soon as possible. Marriage Equality are fighting to keep the issue in the spotlight, and to educate our TDs on the staggering inequalities that gay people face because of the lack of full marriage rights.

Also, when you've been swimming/cycling/running for 10 hours plus, you do need a pretty good reason to keep going - what better reason than my right to marry!!"

We think Doug is pretty amazing and we're sure you do too!

Take a look at Doug's photos from the Challenge Roth Ironman below!

Thanks so much Doug for all your hard work and amazing dedication - you're an inspiration!