We've gathered some of the best videos about marriage equality, love and families here for you to enjoy! Share them with friends and family too - it's a great way to get people talking about the right to marry!

KAL Videos

As Love Would Have It


If You Like It, Then You Should Be Able To Put A Ring On It


KAL Case Rally (2006)


Marriage Equality Videos

Sinead's Hand


March for Marriage Equality (August 9, 2009)


Equality - Limerick Pride Parade 2009


Marriage Equality Launch


TV3's Midweek Programme - Same-Sex Parenting

International Marriage Equality Videos

Winning the Freedom to Marry


Civil Unions: A Love Story


Edie & Thea - A Very Long Engagement (Trailer)


Edie Windsor and ACLU Challenge Defense of Marriage Act


Don't be a Dick


Sex and the City Gals Talk Gay Marriage


All Out