An Urgent Appeal from Marriage Equality

Marriage Equality needs your help.

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We are currently facing an urgent funding need. For the past 3 years, Marriage Equality has been funded by the generous support of our primary funder, The Atlantic Philanthropies. Unfortunately, they will be exiting the LGBT sector at the end of this year, and therefore the funding we have received from them is due to come to an end.

Without your help in these crucial few months, we will not be able to continue our campaign to deliver marriage equality and those important basic human rights to same sex couples, our families and our children.

Without your help, Marriage Equality will have to close.

The Next StepBecause we have people like you behind us, we have a proven track record of success, and of making the voices of same sex couples, our families, and our children heard. But there is so much important work left to be done.

Look at what we've accomplished and the successes we've had over the past 3 years with your help... what would you give to get Marriage Equality across the line?

Please help Marriage Equality today. We urgently need your support, now more than ever.