GAZE Absolut short documentary on public / private displays of affection - call out for participants

25 May 2011

We are looking for participants for a short documentary film with the working title PDA (Public/ Private displays of affection) which has been commissioned by GAZE Absolut Filmmakers. It will be directed by Anna Rodgers (producer of Growing up Gay. Co-director/ Writer of Stand Up) and produced by Zlata Filipovic (Stand Up).

The film is about the simple act of holding hands, kissing or holding someone you love. These little gestures of human connectedness carry huge personal significance but also, the potent power to create social change. Yet, for most people, being affectionate outside of their own four walls isn't intended as a political statement - it's an expression of love.

This film moves between the public and private spaces in which Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender couples live, and explores physical expressions of affection and our feelings about doing it in public.

We are hoping to meet couples living in both rural and urban towns or cities in Ireland who are interested in taking part in the film. We will feature 4 to 5 couples in the final film in the form of short individual vignettes. We would like to find couples with different attitudes (even within the one relationship) - those with positive and negative experiences or feelings about PDAs, people living in various circumstances and areas, as well as people who are at a turning point in their relationship. You could be moving in together, getting civil partnered, moving house, having a baby, or going through any number of changes or simple universal moments which occur in all of our lives. You also might be in a new relationship or a long term one. We're very open to talk to all of you! Likewise, if you have a friend you think would be interested, pass on the message. We rely on recommendations of people to feature in documentaries so really appreciate your assistance in getting the word out there. We'd especially like to find some older LGBT couples and also, anyone having a civil partnership ceremony in June or July.


Please feel free to pass this note on and any one may contact us for more information and details on /

We can explain the film and what it would entail to people individually. As it's a short film, we won't be filming with people for more than a day or two but it's a personal subject and important you ask us lots of questions before you decide to participate. We'd be very happy to discuss it with any couple who are interested.

Thank you

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