Citizenship Amendment follows intensive research by rights groups

19 Jul 2011

Marriage Equality today welcomed an amendment to the Civil Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2011 that provides for equal treatment of civil partners and married couples in legislation on acquiring Irish citizenship.

Moninne Griffith, Director of Marriage Equality, said "This amendment comes after intensive research as part of our forthcoming Marriage Audit, due to be published in mid-September. At present we estimate there are over 140 differences between marriage and Civil Partnership - many of which deal with children and families. We are delighted that progress is being made on important equality issues, although there is much work left to be done. Ireland can either achieve equality step by step by dealing with each discrepancy separately, or the Government could do the right thing, and introduce equality in one fell swoop by legislating for marriage for same-sex couples."

The amendment was proposed by Senator Katherine Zappone, and adds to the rights and entitlements currently given to same sex couples under the Civil Partnership legislation. Senator Zappone had been briefed on the issue by Marriage Equality, following intensive research into the discrepancies between Civil Partnership legislation and marriage law.

"We would like to thank Senator Zappone for her work to progress this important issue, and look forward to working with her in the future" said Ms Griffith. "We would also like to thank the Immigrant Council of Ireland and Patrick Dillon Malone BL for lending their expertise and opinions to the research."