New Report Reveals 169 Differences Between Civil Marriage and Civil Partnership

4 Oct 2011

Publication cover - Missing Pieces Cover image for Missing Pieces

First of its kind poster campaign launched to coincide with report launch

Tuesday, October 4, 2011: Today, Marriage Equality is launching its 'Just Love?' campaign which includes a ground-breaking report, Missing Pieces, revealing 169 legal differences between civil marriage and civil partnership. The report quells claims that civil partnership provides same-sex couples with equality in all but name.

As part of 'Just Love?' to highlight discrimination that same-sex couples experience as a result of the differences between civil partnership in comparison to civil marriage, a first of its kind 48-sheet campaign is being rolled out across Dublin today. The posters depict real couples, their children, and along with Missing Pieces and a viral film, Rory's Story, all part of 'Just Love?', are available to download from

Paula Fagan, Report Author, speaking at the launch said, "Civil partnership was heralded as equality in all but name for same-sex couples but this report firmly and rightly contradicts these untrue claims. Civil partnership is a welcome first step to protect same-sex couples, but it fails to provide equality, civil partnership dismally overlooks the love which same-sex couples have for one another, and most ashamedly, it neglects the bonds between same-sex parents and their children."

Ms Fagan continued, "The Marriage Equality report is the culmination of over a year's work, comparing the rights gained through marriage to those conferred in civil partnership, and was carried out by a team of Ireland's legal experts. Report highlights include the fact that same-sex couples who register a civil partnership are not recognized or called a family unit; the children of a same-sex couples who have registered a civil partnership are in a legal vacuum; civil partners are not considered 'qualifying family members' for the purposes of immigration and foreign same-sex marriages are demoted to civil partnerships. These are just some examples of the 169 differences that will adversely affect same-sex couples who have registered a civil partnership and their children."

Moninne Griffith, Director, Marriage Equality, said, "The Constitutional Convention in the Programme for Government 2011-2016 includes a promise to consider the 'Provision of Same-Sex Marriage'. Marriage Equality believes that this must be acted upon immediately. Missing Pieces clearly and unequivocally demonstrates inequalities manifest in civil partnership. Combined with the visual aspects of the Marriage Equality billboard campaign and the online film Rory's Story, we hope people living in Ireland will insist that the only sensible next step is to lift the same-sex marriage ban now rather than later."

A recent Irish opinion poll contributed to the growing evidence of support for same-sex couples marrying, with 73% of Irish people in favour. Marriage Equality is committed to working with the public and Government to lift the same-sex marriage ban. More information on 'Just Love?' and other Marriage Equality campaigns can be downloaded from or by calling (01) 873 4183.