Pride 2012 - Marching to fill in the Missing Pieces

Pride Ad 2012For Pride 2012, we wanted to show why we need to keep pushing for equality.  

Our campaign was called Marching to fill in the Missing Pieces, and highlighted the differences between Civil Partnership and civil marriage (over 160), which can be broken down in to 7 categories:

  1. The Family Home
  2. Finance
  3. Legal Procedures
  4. Administration
  5. Parent and Child
  6. Immigration
  7. Equality

You can read more about each of these categories by clicking on The Missing Pieces.

1 Rainbow ShirtsThese 7 categories sync up nicely with the colours of the rainbow, don't you think? We did... so we made shirts in each colour of the rainbow, each highlighting a different inequality. In 2011 it was a Sea of Purple, and in 2012 we had a Marriage Equality Rainbow marching through Dublin, Dundalk, Cork, the Northwest, Galway, Waterford and Limerick!

Dublin Pride 2012Dublin Pride
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