2010 - We Are Family

We Are Family was a groundbreaking national poster campaign launched in June 2010 which gave visibility to same-sex families living in Ireland. The posters depict real couples, some with children, some without, showing that these families exist in Ireland and calling on members of the public to help us secure equal rights for them.

We Are Family illustrates that lesbian and gay families are already part of the diverse family fabric of Ireland.  The posters were carried by Dublin Bus and Libraries, Family Resource Centres and Community Information Centres nationally.

Currently in Ireland, lesbian and gay families (with and without children), have no legal rights and protections because only a family based on marriage is recognised as a legal family unit.

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Civil marriage will legally recognise and protect same-sex families, civil partnership does not.

Same-sex families are part of every community. We are your neighbours and friends, and our children attend local schools.

The time for change is now. Same-sex families deserve the same rights and protections as any other family. We deserve equality and we deserve it now. Civil partnership ignores our children, denies our family status and will delay our access to full and equal rights for years to come.

The agent for change is you. Marriage Equality simply ask that if you believe in equal rights, that if you want your family, or indeed your future family, to have equal rights, then visit your TD or Senator to directly ask for change.

Use our site to locate your TDs and help you identify where to contact them and when and where you can visit them. To help you prepare for your TD visit, there is also extensive information available in our 'Get Involved' section.

We also have a team of volunteers who would be happy to help you with your TD visit and would love to hear your feedback. Please call the Marriage Equality office today on 01-8734183.

We Are Family was inspired by ILGA-Europe's "Different Families, Same Love" campaign

Marriage Equality are very grateful to Ronan Healy for taking the photographs for the We Are Family Campaign and for donating his time and expertise to this campaign.