Rory's Story

JUST LOVE 2CMAs our recent "Missing Pieces" marriage audit report shows, there are over 160 legislative differences between Civil Partnership and marriage. But we all know that what we're talking about goes deeper than legalese and technicalities. We are talking about real people, real lives, and how an unequal system affects same sex couples, our families and our children.

We want to show you Rory's Story - a new short film by Marriage Equality and FailSafe Films. (Click here to view the film with subtitles)

We are asking you to help us spread the message that same sex couples, our families and our children are being discriminated against because of their sexuality or the sexuality of their parents. This discrimination can lead to fewer rights and protections for your family and those you care about.

Please help Marriage Equality spread the word by sharing Rory's Story with your friends and family. (Click here to share the video by email)

You can also join our Out To Your TD campaign, to share the message with your local TDs that same-sex couples and families deserve equality.

And finally, none of our work would be possible without the generous support of people like you. We still need your help in order to get our campaign for equality across the line, so please... visit our donation page and give what you can.

Together we can make a difference for same-sex couples, our families and our children.

Because no child deserves to be a stranger to their parents.


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