Supporter Survey 2012 - Fundraising

donateMarriage Equality does not receive any funding from the government - to date, all our funding has come from private, philanthropic organisations. However, after this year our main funder - The Atlantic Philanthropies - will be wrapping up its funding to the LGBT sector, which means we will not receive any further funding from them.

We are incredibly grateful to those of you who have signed up to become regular donors, and to those of you who have given what you can towards our campaign. We're facing a critical time in the fight for marriage equality, and we need your help - now more than ever. Without your support this year, we will have to close our doors. We cannot miss this crucial time for marriage equality - we NEED to be around during the Constitutional Convention, to keep fighting for equality for same sex couples, our families and our children.

Marriage Equality is the only national organisation focussed 100% on this issue. We have the knowledge, expertise and support from the LGBT community and our allies, all backed up by quality research. If we close our doors, we'll be missing a crucial opportunity to achieve marriage equality - engaging with the Constitutional Convention, achieving a positive recommendation for marriage equality, and pushing for the implementation of that recommendation, whether it is through legislation or a referendum to amend the Constitution. We don't want that opportunity to slip away...

Please help our campaign by giving what you can today...

Nearly half - 47.8% - of you have given us financial support before
That's fantastic, but we still do need your help! Every bit of support we get helps our campaign - whether it goes towards our TD Campaign, Awareness Raising events (like Pride or the March for Marriage), to further research and publications (like "Missing Pieces" or "Voices of Children") or community events like workshops and lobbying training.

The top ways you support Marriage Equality?

Regular giving is one important way you can support Marriage Equality and our work. Regular donors help to ensure that we have a stable source of income so that we can be as effective an organisation as possible. Regular giving also allows us to plan for the future, and budget for our campaigns and projects. We need to actively, effectively engage with the Constitutional Convention, and to do that, we need your help. Your support goes towards expenses like our TD packs, creating new short films like Rory's Story and Sinead's Hand, and attending events around the country to raise awareness of the continued, urgent need for marriage equality.

Please click here to find out how you can become a regular donor to Marriage Equality.

Buying raffle tickets
Stay tuned for this year's raffle, coming up at the end of the year!

Supporting a fundraising event
We've got loads of events coming up, including the BIG Eurovision Review, the Women's Mini Marathon, True Colours, and much more in the works!

Making a once-off donation
Click here to make a donation today!

Buying merchandise - Christmas cards, t-shirts, etc
Our Christmas cards were hugely popular last year!

Supporting a Marriage Equality project, like Rory's Story
We have a few projects in the pipeline... stay tuned for information on how you can support our upcoming work!

The top reasons you haven't given financial support before?

No money
We know times are tough, and we really appreciate even the smallest donation. Contributing even the price of a coffee or a pint each month to our campaign helps us get that little bit closer to our goal of equality.

Not sure how to donate
You can click here to donate online, or use this form to set up a standing order and become a regular donor. Or you can give a gift by cheque or bank draft.

Not sure how Marriage Equality uses the money it raises
Any amount you are able to give goes towards our campaign for equality for same sex couples, our families and our children. This includes our political campaign (Out To Your TD, etc), communications campaign (raising awareness in the media, online, through posters, short films and billboards) and mobilisation campaign (Pride Festivals, community and college LGBT society events). It also includes administrative costs - to lobby TDs and Senators, to manage our TD campaign volunteer team, to engage in media relations and maintain an active media and social media presence - for our 3-person team.

Most of you prefer to get information about Marriage Equality, our campaigns and developments by email, with social media coming a close second.

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You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.

Other ways you are proud to support Marriage Equality?

Talking to friends and family, spreading the word
This is an excellent way to support our campaign! If you haven't already, you might encourage your friends and family to sign up to our mailing list and our TD campaign - we need as many people as possible to get involved!

Sharing news and updates on social media
Are you on Facebook or Twitter? Find us here (Facebook) and here (Twitter) - don't forget to share and retweet stories that can make a difference! You might also want to share our two videos - Rory's Story and Sinead's Hand!

Cork Pride 1Marching with us in Pride Parades around the country
Stay tuned to find out what we've got in store for this year's Pride Parades!

Featuring in media campaigns like Just Love? and We Are Family
We are incredibly grateful for all the couples and families who have put themselves out there - on posters, in our publications, in the media - for our cause. Putting real, human faces to the campaign for marriage equality is one of the most important things we can do, but we can't do it without your help. Interested in sharing your story or joining our media-friendly couples list? Contact our Communications Officer, Kirsten, on 01 873 4183 or You can also share your story on our website - click here.

Working with college and university LGBT societies
LGBT societies around the country are doing great work to raise funds and spread the word about marriage equality. Does your campus have an LGBT society? Want to get more involved in our campaign? Give us a call, or drop us a line! 01 873 4183 or