Call for Participants - Be part of TENI's new publication!

18 January 2013 - 1 March 2013, 3:00 PM

(Below is a message from our friends at Transgender Equality Network Ireland - TENI)

TENI's next book will discuss and reflect trans experiences in Ireland. It will build on our ‘Transphobia in Ireland’ report, written by Cat McIlroy and published in 2008.

Our new book will discuss key issues of trans experience in Ireland through professional articles and personal voices. TENI is seeking contributions of first-hand experiences of discrimination from trans people in Ireland.

This is part of a short-term ILGA Project that will be published in February 2013.

We Need Your Help! 

For the personal voices in the book, we need people to contribute! It's a short form, asking about 'everyday' discrimination and about verbal or physical abuse. If you have experienced discrimination because of your gender identity, please take a moment to contribute. (It can be totally anonymous).

It can be about any experience, from stopping for a coffee to applying for a passport. We want to raise awareness about how everyday discrimination affects us: using a public toilet... going to school... getting a haircut... going for a job interview... applying for Welfare... going through airport security... visiting hospital... getting accommodation... walking down the street... meeting a friend for a pint...

Please take a moment to share your experience. It's a short, simple form:

The year ahead will see a great increase in the discussion of gender identity and transgender rights across Ireland. I hope that you will be able to contribute to what will be an important resource for trans human rights work.